Deskera eClaims Help

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1. Getting Started with Deskera eClaims

    1.1. Basic Settings – Deskera Applications

       1.1.1 Create Users

       1.1.2 Manage User Access

       1.1.3 Configure Company Settings

2. Deskera eClaims Dashboard

3. Master Settings

    3.1. Manage Cost Center

       3.1.1 Add Cost Center

       3.1.2 Edit Cost Center

       3.1.3 Delete Cost Center

    3.2. Manage User Band

       3.2.1 Add User Band

       3.2.2 Edit User Band

       3.2.3 Delete User Band

    3.3. Manage Projects

    3.4.Manage Exchange Rule Master

    3.5.Manage Tax Adjustment Master

    3.6.Manage Expense Items

       3.6.1 Add Expense Item

       3.6.2 Edit Expense Item

       3.6.3 Delete Expense Item

    3.7 Manage Checklist

4. Administration

    4.1. Create New Designation

       4.1.1 Add New Designation

       4.1.2 Edit Designation

       4.1.3 Delete Designation

    4.2. User Management

       4.2.1 Create User

       4.2.2 Delete User

       4.2.3 Change Password

       4.2.4 Assign Manager

       4.2.5 Assign Permission

    4.3 Company Administration

        4.3.1 Manage Claim Policy

    4.4. User Permission

    4.5. Announcements

5. Trips

   5.1.New Trip Application

   5.2.Edit Cancel Trip Application

   5.3.Archived Trips

   5.4.Approve / Reject Trip Applications

6. Advance

   6.1.Request New Advance

   6.2.Edit/ Cancel My Advance

   6.3.Archived Advances

   6.4.Approve/Reject Advance Request|

   6.5.View Approval Advance Request

7. Claims

   7.1.New Claim Application

   7.2.Edit /Cancel Claims Application

   7.3.View My Claim Application

   7.4.Archived Claims

   7.5.Approved / Reject Claims Applications|

   7.6.View Approval Expense Request

8. Reports

   8.1.Cost Per Trip

   8.2.Edit /Unapproved Expenses Report

   8.3.Advance Given

   8.4.G L Report

   8.5.User Expense Report|

   8.6.Cost Per Project Report|

   8.7.Cost Per Cost Center Report|

   8.8.All Expense Report|

   8.9 Approved Unlimited Expense Report|